A Place Called Hell


Abraham and Moses did not have God’s Law, and yet acknowledged God and revered Him. They listened to God and followed His instruction and this was counted for them as righteousness (right standing with God). On the contrary, the world did not acknowledge God and was not concerned with His ways; therefore, mankind needed the law. They needed to know their ways were sinful and offensive to the Holy God who created them. God used Moses as His representative and the Law was given through him. The Law was given to show mankind their sin (rebellion against a Holy God) and their need for: (1) a Savior- one who would pay the penalty for their sin; (2) a Lord- a King with authorized power (authority) and influence to rule and show mankind God’s ways; and (3) Repentance- to turn from their way to God’s way. The Bible shares with us that Jesus is God’s Son, He is also God, and the Word of God who became flesh. Jesus showed us His great love for mankind by suffering and dying at the hands of His own creation to redeem us back to the Father. Jesus is also said to be the visible image of our invisible God showing us His true nature, which is forgiving, patient, kind, and loving. If that is so, then you might ask, “Why would there be a place called hell?” We will get to the answer in just a moment.

By making Jesus our Lord we enter God’s Family. You might be wondering, “Aren’t we already in God’s Family?” and the answer is no. God’s Word says that as many as receive Him (Jesus), to him He gave the right to become children of God.  God’s righteous wrath will come at the end for all those who do not acknowledge Him and receive the payment He freely offers through His Son, Jesus. God is a Righteous Judge so there must be a penalty for crime committed, but because of His goodness, He sent His Son to pay that penalty for us. His gift of salvation is free to all who receive Him. If there is not separation from the godly and ungodly, eventually all would become contaminated and God’s Kingdom would be full of chaos and rebellion. Rebellion causes breakdown in societies and kingdoms. Therefore those that will not accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and submit to God’s rule through Jesus, cannot and will not be allowed into the Kingdom of God. It is God’s love for people that allows Him to protect His children from those that will not follow the rules. Any good parent protects their children from those that could cause them harm or lead them down a destructive path. Even in society, we have to punish and separate the lawless for the protection of all people. We might not always agree with a law or rule, but because God is all-knowing, we have to trust that He put certain laws into operation for a reason. When we go against His established laws, it causes a breakdown of His original design. As we draw close to God, revering His guidance and instruction, He will reveal not only His deeds, but His ways to us.

Let us revisit the question about hell. Hopefully you are starting to see the reason for the separation from God. How can two walk together if they are going in different directions? This is a question the Bible asks, and the answer is that you cannot. Hell is a place that was not originally designed for mankind and was never God’s intention. It was designed for rebellious angels who decided they did not want to follow God’s Rule any longer. This rebellion was organized by Lucifer- one of God’s high-ranking angels- who through pride decided he wanted to be like God. Please see Is There A Devil for more information. God’s Word tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from Him and while we are on this earth His goodness rains on the just and the unjust. This time on earth is our time to make our choice in whose rule we will follow. To neglect to acknowledge God and choose the path of salvation He has provided is to choose separation from Him. If every good and perfect gift comes from Him, it is not a good place to be without Him for eternity. God created us in His image. This means we are a spirit for He is Spirit. We have a soul, mind, will, and emotions and we live in a physical body. This body is the temporary home we live in while here on this physical planet. Your spirit will live forever! You have been granted a free will to choose your own path. God did not desire robots, but rather a family. In every family there are house rules so that all will be provided for and kept safe.

Will you acknowledge Him today? He loves you and His plan for your life now and forever is so good. It only requires us to lay down our pride and humble ourselves by acknowledging we do not know everything and turn to Him and receive the gift of His Son, Jesus. To receive Jesus, pray a simple prayer asking Him to be your Lord and Savior and asking for forgiveness of your sins. See Receive New Life for more information.


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